Friday, December 12, 2008

Gold Butte

Heather and Justin have become best buddies. He is such a good big brother to her. Always keeping the boys she doesn't like that part. They are really cute together.... always fun teasing. They are really fun to have around. The girls and Justin
some more Petroglyph's

Dennis with some more Petroglyph's.
This picture has a little story. Stan showed us these Petroglyph's from way up top and we couldn't get down the cliff to see them. When Dennis, Tricia and I saw these we wanted to climb down to see them close up. We decided to leave the rest of the group and hike around the hill to see them. Well, we hike around the mountain and then we had to hike up, then down and then up again, and then up, up, up and then around again. You get the picture, our little hiked turned into a BIG HIKE. We had a lot of fun though. Getting a little lost is always fun, you get to see more than you were expecting too. Plus, Dennis, Tricia and I hadn't bonded like that in a long time. They were a lot of fun!! I wish they lived three hundred miles closer.
Dennis and Tricia

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