Friday, December 12, 2008

Silly Girls at HOOTERS

After the Jonas Brothers concert the other night the girls were getting really hungry. Right across the street from the MGM is a restaurant called HOOTERS. The girls thought that would be a great place to eat. It was close and so we went in and lined up in the long line for dinner. They gave us a little thing to hold that would light up when they had a table for us. While we waited the girls got creative and decided to go out by the pool and in the gift shop. They were so funny that I just had to taks some more photos.
The Girls with the HOOTERS waitresses
Jordan, Analise and Heather by the pool making the HOOTERS letters with the bodies
Just relaxing... while we waited.
More Relaxing.......
The Gift shop. Of course they all had to wear around the

They did look really cute.
While we were in there the little thingy lite up and we went in and had a really good dinner.

Thanks again girls for a fun night out!!

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