Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Going to football and basketball games over the past ten years has been A LOT of fun.... but the past two have been really special to me. You probably know I coach the High School Dance Team... (funnest job ever) but the special part is MY daughter HEATHER has been a VARSITY CHEERLEADER for the past two years and she gets to cheer right in front of the where the dance team sits. I get to sit and watch my daughter cheer at every game. By the way... SHE IS an AWESOME cheerleader.
Being a coach at the school has lots of rewards and one of mine is that I get to be a every game and every pep assembly with my daughter.
Heather and her vErY pRoUd mOmmY!!
Heather thanks for being a GREAT KID!! I am VERY PROUD of YOU!!!
Thanks for sharing your high school days with me!!

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The NELSON Family said...

Love you both!! You guys do such a great job!

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