Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Daddy!!

Odell C. Christiansen

The Greatest DADDY in the world!!~~ He passed away February 14th, 2004 ~~
5 Years Ago Today

I thought it might get easier over time,
but I was wrong.
I miss him more and more everyday.
Dad, Thanks for all the GREAT memories!!
I miss you and love you to the MOON!!

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Mt. Pleasant Pioneer Historical Association said...

Lana, Don't know if you remember me, but I am Michael and Laura Hafen's mom. I received a notice of your blog with a Google Alert for Mt. Pleasan. Loved reading about your family. I really know that I am old when you "kids" start having grandchildren. Hehe he!!!. We have a blog about Mt. Pleasant at Check us out. It isn't just Pioneer stuff. Its also memories and old time remembrances. Add to it if you wish. Love ya and your mom and dad and family. Kathy Hafen

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