Sunday, August 2, 2009

Driving through Mt. Pleasant

The other day we were driving home 
from visiting Mom and Wayne in South Jordan. 

I wanted to go through Mt. Pleasant 
and put some flowers on My Dads headstone.

When we were driving through town I thought that it would be fun to stop and take some pictures of where I grew up. 

This is the house at 235 West Main street.
We lived there until I was 14.
Then we moved to this house on  
306 West 100 North

This past January my mother got remarried
(which ...I am VERY EXCITED for her)

She sold the family house and moved to South Jordan

This was my first time going to Mt. Pleasant
since mom got remarried and sold the house 

It was really weird pulling into  
OUR drive way and not being HOME.

I felt sort of HOMELESS.

I really wanted to open the door, run up the stairs,
jump around the corner and yell surprise..

I use to love to surprise Mom and Dad with my visits....

I would call them from Ephriam or even the driveway 
and tell them good night and then I would drive in and surprise them

but now things are different..... Dad is gone..
Mom has moved
.... and OUR house is SOLD to another family...
Things might be different 
but I still have ALL of my MEMORIES!!

We went to Visit MY DADDY!!

I miss HIM Very Much!!

But we know that...
"Families are Forever"

I miss you and
and back!!

I thought that it would be a good idea to show my girls
where some of their Grand Parents were buried
This is My Great Grandma Lois Kay and
Great Grandpa Evan Leslie Nelsons headstone
They are buried in the Mt. Pleasant cemetery

This is My Great Grandma Hazel Doretta Robison 
and Great Grandpa Lewis LeRoy Blacks Headstone
They are buried in the Spring City Cemetery
This is My Grandpa Carl and
Grandma Nettie Bridges Christiansen' s Headstone
They are buried in the Monroe cemetery 

We didn't make it to the Hurricane Cemetery to see
My Grandpa Leslie and Grandma Mildred Nelson's Headstone
We will have to go there another day
It was nice to show my girls where their
Grandparents were all buried
Now some day they can show their children and grandchildren

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