Friday, October 1, 2010

Ashley's Baby Shower

Baby Shower for Ashey and Baby Boy Whetman

Cute Red Head - Ashley's Cousin and Best Friend
Jennifer Whipple came up from Logandale

Some of Ashley's friends from work at Payless Shoes

Lori and Whitney McBride and Heather Hardy

Ashley won the Diapering the Balloon Game
(I think she is ready to diaper the real BABY)

Her Grandma Jeannie sent her a really nice Afagan
Grandma is in Boston on a LDS Mission

Sarah and Lynette Harmon
(Lynette's other daughter Gracelyn is here also... she is off somewhere eating her cake)
Lori and Whitney McBride
My two little sisters came down from Salt Lake and Nephi
They are AWESOME!! I Love them to the mOOn!!
and Heather

She got LOTS of Cute Blankets

Ashley's good friend gave her a Baby Swing, Carseat,
Play Quilt, Baby Clothes... and lots more!!

Ashley and Whitney Owens
and their cute little TUMMIES!!

Me and My Awesome Sisters!!

The YUMMY Cake

The Christiansen Family Girls
and their daughters

The Whetman Family Girls
and Family

After the Baby Shower we loaded up the presents
and went back to Ashley and Jayson's apartment

I dropped off their new Crib before the shower...
Jayson said he would put together while we were at the shower

Here is Baby Boy Whetman's

Ashley wanted Animals and Jayson wanted Sports...

so they got


It turned out so cute....

It almost made me think I should....


The Changing Table....
is all stocked!!

I think that Baby Boy Whetman
will LOVE his new Room!!

Now I can't wait till


Ashley said...

you are so darling! i thought you were gonna put you want another baby! hhaha:) i sure love the room! and you!! im glad you could come to the shower~ i LOVE YOU TONS

Lauren said...

His room/corner is adorable!! I can't wait to see it in real life. You are an amazing decorator mom!

Lana Hardy said...

No Ashley... NO more babies for me. I LOVE and adore the FOUR that I was blessed with and now at my age..... I am just ready for LOTS OF GRANDBABIES!!!!
I can't wait for Baby Boy Whetman and Baby Boy Nelson to get here.
I really LOVE being GRANDMA NANA!!

Thanks Lauren, I enjoy decorating.. I am realy glad that you girls ask me to help out in the decorating of your homes and apartments... I do love being a grandma... but I do LOVE and ENJOY BEING YOUR MOTHER!!

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