Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quilt Projects

A Few Projects I have completed
over the past few months..

 A Pieced Quilt for Tracy Benites..
My Sons Wonderful Mother in Law

I love the Pink and Black with the 
NEON Green on the back!

A Cute Yellow and Black quilt for SAMANTHA 
my new daughter in law Missy's 

and one for Missy's Nana

Heather wanted a Quilt.. 
so I found some fun 
Black and White material!

Ashley and I made this
quilt for her mother in law 
Eileen Whetman

I surprised Ashley's with this
Pink Glitter Quilt

and Missy's with this 
Blue Glitter Quilt

Missy and Justin's 
John Deere KING size Bedspread

Quilt for Bob and Janet Combs

as a Thank You Gift for purchasing 
my daughter Heather's Show Steer 
at the Clark County Fair this past year.

I made the next few quilts for some of my
Nieces and Nephews

I made this one for my Dalton

I made two of these for Will and Jaxon

I made two of these for Gracelyn and Brytton

I made two of these for Whitney and Sarah

I made two of these for Wyatt and Jake

This one for Chantel


Thanks for stopping by 
and looking what I have been up too!!
I hope you have a SUPER DOOPER DAY!!


Ashley said...

so many fun things. i love em all. you really do so much stuff so fast would take me forever to get all those projects done

Samantha Godfrey said...

My "blankie" is my newest favorite, i hope you know! I love it to pieces and hope to make it out one of these days to learn how to make one! I am thinking my cute husband needs one for Christmas! :)

Lana Hardy said...

Ashley, Thanks for always commenting on my blog.. I love you tons!!

Sam, I would love to have a quilt party with you anytime.. I am really glad you like your blankie. I heard it was in need of some repair... Send it out with Missy some time or better yet.. come out to Logandale and Visit!! Love you!!

Ashley said...

your amazing!!! super woman!
thanks for linkin with "Tell me Tuesday"

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