Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Weekend - Cedar Mountain

Over the 4th of July Weekend we went up to 
Cedar Mountain to our family property.


Beautiful views and a picture of where our property is....
down in all those trees!

Missy and Heather with some of their cousins.. 
the Smith kiddos

We haven't been up there for a while so there was a lot 
of work that needed to be done..

Stan, Justin and Russell Smith got busy with the 
backhoe and cleared off us a camp stop..

My hard working hubby, Stan

I am standing by the huge tree that is 
right in the center of our campsite. 

Our kids carved their names in the trees years ago.. 

Justin and Missy went up to the property before they got married...

they carved their initials in the tree on the right... On this trip they are married so they added their "Married" initials in the same tree.

then they cut down the tree and brought it home with them..
they are building a new house and they want to use their logs to make something for their house.

Cedar Mountain is Beautiful!!


Stan and Lana

We had an awesome get away day ...
 and it was a lot cooler up their on the mountain.

I think we need to come up here more often.

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