Friday, July 29, 2011

Heather - Clark County Fair 2011

Heather LOVES showing Steers
in the Clark County Fair

Junior Livestock Show 2011

Preparing a Show Steer and being successful 
takes a lot of time and commitment

Halter Breaking, teaching them to lead, Walking, Feeding, 
Shampoo and Blow Drying their Hair
just to name a few... 

Just getting them ready for the show is a lot of work..
primping, clipping and fluffing!!

Showing steers..  is or gets to be a whole Family project

Justin, Missy and Stan were always there to help her.. 
I helped with moral support ... not actual hands on help!!

This was Heather's twelfth and FINAL year 
showing steers in the Clark County Fair

Some memories...
I do think come April.. (fair time) 
she is really going to MISS IT!! 

I think her brother and dad will miss it too .. 
and to tell you the truth.. so will I.

Heather, Have I told you lately,
just how proud I am of you.
Of all the things that you've achieved,
and the wonderful things that you do.

 You have achieved success,
and know what that success means.

You strive to meet your goals,
and to reach your dreams.

 You do not accept limitations,
conquering things placed before you.

You don't allow problems,
 to cause you to be blue.

 You have so much,
talent and creativity to share.

You have such a gift,
I don't think you are even aware.

 You are an inspiration,
to me and so many people.

 You treat everyone,
as your equal.

 I guess what I am,
trying to say.

I love you so much,
and I am proud of you everyday.

You are truly a very talented, very gifted,
absolutely amazing person!!!!!

Heather, I Love You to the mOOn!! 

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