Saturday, July 16, 2011

Modge Podge Project

Do you ever make things that you 
just don't know what to do with them ... 
or where you are going to put them...

I saw these Letters in JOANN"S last week 
and I just HAD to buy them.

 I don't know why... It's not like I need another project to do...

These type of projects are AWESOME for those day's 
when I just need something Cute, Easy and Fast to make
.. you know the type... a NO THINKER PROJECT!!

So... I started ripping up some  JOHN DEERE 
(Green and Yellow) paper and started Modge Podging...

They did turn out really cute!!
So now I either need to find somewhere to put them

or give them away to some of my HARDY relatives.. LOL!!

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