Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's A Small world.. Memorial Day... No way, we are related... Funny!!

Oh.... the things that you can find out about your families while visiting over Memorial Day Weekend....

I was visiting with my mother in law before leaving for Utah for Memorial Day. She told me that her Great Great Grandfathers second wife was buried in Mt. Pleasant. I thought that it would be interesting to go by and take a picture of her grave. My father is buried in Mt. Pleasant so I was going to be there anyway..... so I went home and researched and found out where in the cemetery she was buried. I printed out all of the information that I found and took it with me.

When Stan and I got to my mothers house in South Jordan, I got out all of my papers and showed them to her and her husband, Wayne. They were looking at them and then Wayne said, "That looks like my first wife's Great Great Grandmother". I just thought "NO WAY"!! He went in the other room and brought back a book about the Condie's and the Ivie's... and sure enough... It was his first wife's Great Great Grandmother!! 

 so............ this is the short version of the story...

In 1863 my husbands Great Great Great Grandfather, Lyman Peters married my Mothers Second Husbands First Wife's Great Great Grandmother, Mary Catherine Barton Ivie Peters.

Lyman Peters

Mary Catherine Barton Ivie Peters

Lyman and Mary Catherine lived together in Wood River, Idaho. 

Mary was thrown from a horse and dragged for some distance before the horse could be caught. For some time her life hung by a thread; she died December 24, 1888. 

Lyman Peters took her remains back to Utah for burial.  

Here is Stan standing by her grave in my 
home town of Mt. Pleasant, Utah

Lyman Peters 
Died: Oct. 30, 1923
He is buried in Carey, Idaho

It's a 

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