Saturday, September 29, 2012

Station 23 Grandkiddo Visit

Grandkiddo day at the Fire Station with Papa Stan

My husband, Stan has been an Engineer/Fireman at
 Station 23 for TWENTY years
He is transferring to work at the Fire Station at McCarren Airport
The Fire Station is out in the middle of the runways
so there will not be any more family visits
Lauren and her 5 children: Estefan, Allie, Mark, Luke and John
Ashley and her two children: Ty and Ember
 and I went for a last visit and tour of the fire station
They all love to try on Papa Stan's Turnouts
and of course ride/sit in the Fire Engine
with the sirens and lights flashing
and of course... the blue rubber gloves are always a hit

I am really glad that the Grandkids got one last visit in
Some of them won't remember that Papa Stan is a fireman..
but some of them I hope will always remember their trips to the fire station
Lauren was only 6 months old when Stan got hired on the Fire Department...
that seems like so long ago... but it sure went FAST!!
Stan, Thanks for the fun day at the Station!!
We all love you to the MOON and Back!!

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