Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Brothers.... part two!!

Here are some more pictures of our fun morning...
My Nephew Kole and Niece Allison
We all had fun watching the boys rope.
Tricia, Allison, Melissa and My Big Brother Robert Sheldon decided to RIDE the Steer instead of Rope it...
The Steer BUCKED him OFF!!
Kole showing Melissa how he ropes...... her!!
I am really glad that my Nieces and Nephews were having so much fun
on our Hardy Family Farm...
I think that sometimes I take for granted the little fun things
that I have here right in front of me every day....
and it sometime takes those that don't get to do the little things
that we see every day to remember how much
We do LOVE to live here in Logandale on our small family farm!!

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