Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Brothers....

Over the weekend my brother Dennis and his family stopped
on their way home and spent the night.....
Sunday morning.... Stan and Justin had to help a MaMa Cow deliver her baby calf.
Dennis, Casey, Sheldon and Justin looking at the New Baby Calf
Sheldon and Casey liked feeding the Show Lambs...
Casey found a rope and saw the steer roping head....
He was a natural...he roped the steer head on the first try!!
This is my little brother Dennis showing off to his boys...
he was pretty GOOD!!
Casey and Sheldon wanted to take the steer head over to the house so they could show everyone
how good they were at roping... so we took the steer heads over to our back yard.
This is my nephews, Kole, Casey, Sheldon and my Niece Melissa
they were all having FUN roping the steer heads..... and each other.

To My Two Wonderful Brothers:
Dennis and Robert.... I had a lot of fun seeing you today!!

I can't wait til you and your families come down for Thanksgiving.

I miss you all very much
and I love you and your families to the moon!!

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