Monday, November 24, 2008

Bus Ride to Vegas

Early Saturday morning the dance team went to Las Vegas with 120 band members to play before the big game. Every year we go roller skating, bowling and to the mall. It is an adventure with that many students. Our bus was really good (not quiet).... we had both dance teams and several band students. Charlie Cooper, his wife, Me and Toni were the chaperones. We had a great time! Me and Toni
I would like to thank TONI for excepting the challenge of JV DANCE coach. I know it is stressful at times and we never know what to expect. Just when we think we know what we are doing, something changes.... and things are continuing to always change. All the stress is worth it. I am very glad to have you coaching with me....for more years to come!! Thanks for being a really good friend!!
Olivia... seven thirty was a bit early!!

Taylor and Ashley~ the crazy girls on the bus!

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