Monday, February 16, 2009

Mt. Pleasant, Utah

This is the one of the houses in Mt. Pleasant that I lived in while I was growing up. I moved in this house when I was fourteen. My mother recently got remarried and sold the house and moved to South Jordan. My big brother Robert called me the other morning and he was telling me how weird it was to drive by the house and see someone elses vehicles in the driveway and someone else moving "their" stuff into "Our" house. I hadn't really thought about it because I haven't been to Mt. Pleasant since the wedding. I guess it would be weird to drive by or to live next door and not be able to stop and go in.
I do know that the first time I go "Home" to Mt. Pleasat it will be weird......... where do I go for "Home" in Mt. Pleasant now... ...
This is a picture of the house in the winter time.
Lots of snow, but very beautiful!!

Here is a ariel picture of our house and my little brother Dennis's next door. It is always very pretty in the summer. Mom always worked really hard in the yard, she always had it looking very nice. I really loved all the pretty flowers and the cool summer nights out on the patio swing.
I will miss the OLD house... but now I get to go to her NEW house in South Jordan and stay!!
Can't wait to come and visit you mom....... I hope really soon!!

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