Friday, March 6, 2009

3A Dance Competition

On Saturday, February 28, 2009 was the 3A Nevada State Championship Dance Competition. Pirate Motion was on the front row and ready to go. The girls and I have been working three hours a day, five days a week for the past several months to get ready for this competition.
I know that some days we were all really tired and thinking was it worth all the hard work.It was worth it!! The dancers performed their Jazz routine first... it was FLAWLESS!! After we performed we all hurried back in the gym so we could watch the other schools perform their Jazz routines. They were all really, really good! It was getting time for our Hip Hop routine... we hurried out for a quick change of clothes and went to warm up. Pirate Motion was first to perform in both categories...we really didn't want to go first but the girls did an awesome job setting the bar high for the others to follow.
I took a while for the judges to add up the scores so all went down on the gym floor and played some games and took a team photo.
This is a very talented, well behaved and Awesome group of girls.
I am really going to be sad when this dance season comes to the end.
Proud Coach of the Pirate Motion Dance Team with the TROPHIES!!
Pirate Motion earned:
Third Place 3A Nevada Hip Hop Team
First Place 3A Nevada Jazz Team

Combined Scores in both divisions earned us the

Pirate Motion is #1 in the State of NEVADA!!

All of the dancers and I rode home together on the bus. The girls were all really excited to be greeted by all of their parents and the Moapa, Logandale and Overton fire engines and ambulances. The parents were all honking their horns and the fire engines and ambulances all had their sirens and flashing lights on. They all escorted us to the high school... but first they made the full loop through Logandale and Overton. The girls were all dancing in the isles, singing the school song and hanging out the windows screaming.

I would really like to thank all of the volunteers that were driving the Fire Engines and Ambulances and all of the parents and students that stayed up really late to escort the girls into town and followed us in the wonderful parade of sirens and flashing lights.

I know this will be a good high school memory that the girls will always remember!!

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