Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Going to the PROM in Alamo

Heather and Alyssa were asked to the PROM in Alamo.

The two boys came down to Logandale and picked them up for their date.

The boys took them target shooting and playing in Alamo.

Stan and I took their dresses up to them later that evening.

I had fun going and getting them ready. I love to play dress ups!!

Heather, Me and Alyssa (My Niece)
Heather and Kenyan Walch
Heather and I went to OUR Aunt Lila's to get her a Prom dress.
Heather tried on lots and lots of dresses.

Lila always has the one we want hidden somewhere ... she waits until we have tried on about everything in the room.. then she will say, "What about this one?"

That will be the one we want!! Happens every time!

I guess that is why I always call her... she knows us so well..
she knows what we what before we do!!

Heather and Kenyan Walch and
Alyssa and Dustin
Heather looked beautiful and she had a great time on her date and at the PROM!!

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