Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bunkerville Mountain

Bunkerville Mountain Stan and Lana Hardy, Gaye and Jack Nelson

It was hot in the valley so we decided to head for the mountains.
It was nice a cool up on top of Bunkerville Mountain
The scenery was beautiful

It was nice to get away from the heat

All the guys looking at.....

Justin enjoying being away from work
Stan really enjoying being away from work

Lana... loving to cool weather

Justin exploring the Mines

Heather and Justin inside the Mine
further inside the mine

Stan and Heather

Justin's riding gear

Redneck...Get 'er done... fish hook on the hat

Heather and Justin on Top of Bunkerville Mountain

Stan and Lana

Heather likes riding with Justin
They are so cute together
He is a good big brother.... and she is a very proud little sisiter!!
Best Friends

Heather inside the Mine

Going inside the Mine

Coming out of the Mine

Justin, Lana and Heather

Justin and the POSE

aka... Captain RedBeard

Taking a break...

Justin and Cody

Heather enjoying the sun

Stan, Jack, Cody, Jim and Justin

Heather making her Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich for Lunch

Lunch Break at the Spring

Mountain Dew break on top of the Mountain

We all had a great time!!
I can't wait til it cools off again so we can go for another ride

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