Saturday, August 1, 2009

4th of July Party

Our Hardy 4th of July PARTY
Lauren, Ashley and Heather
Ashley and Estefan on the Trampoline

Papa Stan and Mark

Lauren and Mark


Glen and Shirley Hardy

Waiting to eat...

Jack Nelson, Jim and Cindy Hardy

Heather and Me

Going Swimming....
Derek and his Underwear Model Pose

Wade, Cody and Justin
Do you like their swimwear??

Cody showing us his guns...

Heather made a YUMMY cake

Dustin Nelson and Austin Eide

Stanley... taking a short snooze

Papa Stan and Mark

Estefan, Lauren, Ashley and Mark
It got way to HOT outside... came inside for the PICNIC
Justin and his Muscle Man Shirt
(I made him wear this)
Our Hardy Family 4th of July Picnic
(Inside ~ It was only 110+ degress outside)

Heather and Allie

The Hardy Girls
Lauren, Ashley and Heather

All the Hardy Girls
Lana, Lauren, Ashley and Heather

Justin.... he is not sure Heather and Chelsea know what they are doing

Heather and two of her Best Friends
Cole LeCroix and Chelsea Leavitt
They had fun on the Teeter-Tooter while we waited for the fireworks to start
Chelsea and Heather

Heather, Cole and Chelsea

Heather getting her sparklers ready

All of us having fun with the sparklers


Cody .... not sure what he is doing

Heather ... getting lost in the smoke

I think she is trying to be the Statue of Liberty

We had a great 4th of July

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