Saturday, August 1, 2009

Horse Shoe Bend, Lake Powell

Going on a small hike to the 
Horseshoe Bend in Page Arizona

Heather and Sarah in the lead
Sitting on the EDGE of the CANYON

It was really windy... but VERY FUN!!

Heather .... on the edge

Connie and Lonnie Walch, Ward 
and Nannette Simms and Stan

Two of Stan's firemen friends from Station 23

The Rocks

Looking Down at Horse Shoe Bend

The Cliffs

The Hike over to the Bend

The Hike over to the Bend

Lonnie and Stan ... living on the EDGE

Ward, Kenyan and Lonnie Walch

All us Gals being silly....
We were trying for Charlie's Angels Shadows
I think we did pretty good!!
It was getting pretty windy...
the sand was blowing hard and hitting their legs
so they decided to hurry back to the truck
The Beautiful Sunset on our hike back to the truck
Lake Powell in the Morning.... Can't Wait!!

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