Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lake Powell

Lake Powell
  Ward and Nannette Simms
their son and his girlfriend
Heather and Me
We are ready for a fun day!!
Stan and Lonnie.. Kenyan in the back

Love the Hat Lonnie

Heather and Sarah
Stopped at the Floating Port-a-Potties
(Sound disgusting... they were!)
On our Hike to Rainbow Bridge

Lana, Stan, Heather and Sarah

Sarah, Heather, Lana, Stan, Connie, Lonnie, Kenyan and Ward
Walking back from Rainbow Bridge

There was a lot of people and boats at Rainbow Bridge

Stopped at Dangling Rope Marina for Lunch

Kenyan Walch
(Heathers Prom Date)

Lonnie and Connie just being themselves
Walch Family

Heather pulling faces.... Kenyan is? and Sarah is watching?

Cute Bikinis



Heather is getting sick of me taking pictures

Wards boat broke down....
about 20 times on the way back to the dock..
good thing he knew how to fix it.

Just a little wind blown
We had a great time at the Lake
I am really glad that Lonnie, Ward and Stan planned this trip.
Can't wait to go again next year!!

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