Saturday, August 1, 2009


My daughter Lauren and her family live right next door to us...
and every morning the grandkids come over and we go for a swim.

Estefan loves the water... he is getting pretty brave!!
Mark is learning how to blow bubbles
Estefan going down the slide .... again
Allie was getting tired ...

Lauren, Mark and Estefan

Mark loves to jump in....

and jump in.

Mark trying to get Estefan

Estefan and Allie

Estefan loves the slide

and he loves making BIG Splashes

Allie love to hang onto the ladder....

The other day she did let go of the ladder for just a second ...
her nose just about got wet....
later that day she told her dad that she drowned in Nana's pool and that I saved her life.


I really look forward to our daily swims.
Grandkids are AWESOME!!

Lauren thanks for coming over everyday and
sharing your day with me!!

I love you to the MOON!!

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