Monday, December 20, 2010

Hardy Party 2010

We all
 at the Annual 
Hardy Christmas Party

Hardy Heritage
Some of Dudley and Vera Hardy's
Great Grand Children, Great Great Grandchildren
and their Husband's and Wife's

Aunt Bertha and her family were in charge 
of hosting the party this past year. 
It was held in Alamo, Nevada

Dudley and Vera Hardy's Children
Elaine Hardy Whipple, Glen Hardy, 
Ann Hardy standing in for Mike, and Bertha Hardy Smith

The Hardy Boys
Stan, Derek, Jim, Wade, Cody, Justin and Glen
(We were missing a few of my boys.. Dustin, Jayson, Estefan, and Mark)

 The Hardy Girls
Lana, Missy, Heather, Alyssa, Shirley, Betsy, 
Mersadie, Carol, Cindy and Maylee
(We were missing a few of my girls.. Lauren, Ashley and Allie) 

Hardy Boys
Stan and Justin

Hardy Girls
Missy, Me and Heather

 Justin and Missy
It is getting closer to their wedding date.. 
I can't wait and I'm sure they can't either!

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