Friday, December 3, 2010

Ty William Whetman

My New Grandson

Congratulations to
Jayson and Ashley

After two day's of labor

He's finally here....

Proud Daddy

Jayson is going to be an Awesome Dad

Jayson, Thanks for being a
wonderful husband to Ashley
 she loves you to the moon
and so do we!!!

Proud Mom
Ty and Grandma Nana 
Ty and Papa Stan
Ty with Uncle Justin
and soon to be Aunt Missy

Ty with Aunt Heather
Ty with Aunt Lauren
 Ashley is so ready to leave the hospital

after two days of labor

then two days of recovery...

two pints of blood (transfusion)...
and many, many shots later...
It's Finally time to go home!!
 Ty is ready to go home too!!!
 Ashley and Ty
at their home in Cedar City
Ty and
Great Grandma Shirley Hardy
 Ty and
Great Grandpa Glen Hardy

Ty with his BYU Football
Ty and Nana

Nana, Ty and Ashley

I got to spend two awesome
weeks in Cedar City helping Ashley 
while she recovered

Jayson and Ashley,
Thanks for being so good to me and
 letting me stay with you

 It was sure fun and a memory that
I will cherish for ever

I hope that I can have many, many
 more CAMP OUTS in your LIVING ROOM!!

I love you all to the MOON!!!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

i sure love our camp outs and i sure love you!!! you are the best mama EVER

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