Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Luke Stanley Nelson

My New Grandson

Luke "Stanley" is named after
his Papa Stan Hardy

Dustin and Lauren

Proud Daddy

Dustin with his children
Estefan, Allie, Mark and Luke

He is an Awesome Husband and Father

Dustin, Thanks for Loving and Taking such
good care of my daughter
and being a great role model
for my grandchildren.

I do think I have the cutest
grandchildren in the whole world!!


I am very blessed to have my daughter Lauren and her family living right next door to me...
I get to see her and my grandkids everyday!!!!

Lauren,  I am so very proud to be your mother...

You are a GREAT Mother and a wonderful daughter.

I Love you to the MOON!!!!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

awww this is sooo cute!!! i love lauren and her little family! its growing so fast

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