Monday, February 7, 2011

Justin and Missy's Bridal Photos

Justin and Missy's Bridal Photos

Here are just a few of my favorites... there were hundreds to pick from... they are all AWESOME!!

Missy's Bridal Bouquet and Wedding Boots

My Very Handsome son, Justin

Waiting patiently for his future bride...

He was so good not to turn around until she got close to him...

Those are not tears...

there was a lot of weeds and sage brush ... got their allergies going...

I love this one...
I have the Prettiest, Sweetest Daughter in law..

I loved the Private Property Sign

I think he looks PRETTY DARN HAPPY!!

This is one of Justin's famous poses...

What a perfect day for a photo shoot.

The photos were taken by "Mindy Bean Photography"

Forever My Little Boy
 Before my eyes you grew each day
So much accomplished along the way
But it seems like just yesterday here in my arms
I held you and marveled at all of your charms.
Rocking you gently to sleep each night
So safe and warm, holding on so tight
Like a little angel you looked as you slept
Engrained in my heart the picture is kept.
Each new task you mastered was such a big thrill
As I recollect back, I remember them still
I would make funny faces to get you to smile
And we´d laugh and we´d play for such a long while.
In no time at all you were toddling around
In a world where new treasures all over abound
Such fun times we´d shared through those carefree years
Cherished moments of smiles and laughter and tears.
Time passed again and you entered school
I cried and you thought you were oh, so cool
Those days were real busy with so much to do
Always some new adventure but we made it through.
And then when I looked a young man I did see
And I thought to myself –no, how can this be?
Wasn´t too long ago I was holding his hands
We were dreaming up stories of make-believe lands.
Through all your endeavors I cheered by your side,
Through trials and triumphs my faith never died
And I realized my prayers had been answered above
For to my life, son, you have brought so much love.
Looking back there are so many times I stood proud
With wonderful memories my heart is endowed
Watching you grow has brought me such joy
But forever you´ll be just my little boy.

Justin, I love you to the MOON and Back!

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Ashley said...

tear.... love it:) love the poem and freakin love missy in the fam!!! its perfect

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