Thursday, August 4, 2011

My hubby and I and OUR Trip OFF the Grid

A few days ago my awesome hubby and I 
decided to go for a LITTLE ride.. 
we left about eleven thirty a.m. and we didn't tell 
anyone where we were going...
because WE didn't even know where we were going

We grabbed a few sodas, some strawberries, 
we tossed in a few dinner rolls and some lunch meat ..
and off we went

We just started driving North on the freeway,
 when we got about to the Carp Elgin turn off
we thought if would be fun to drive out to Sam's Camp

We stopped at Pete's Rock 
(White Rock named after his Uncle Pete)
and shot a few rounds out of the rifle

then we were off again .. on the way to Sam's Camp

a small detour...

While we were driving Stan would tell me the names of 
the places, roads and stories and adventures that he had growing up. 

He saw this trailer that belongs to the father of one 
of his friends from high school

The father died in 2007 and no one has moved the trailer. ..

Stan and even our son Justin has camped here several times.

Stan has lots of great memories in this camp

It is alway fun to hear the stories that 
Stan has to tell about when he was younger

then ..on with our adventure...


Now which way should we go??

It was getting about time for a pit stop so we decided 
to head toward Pine Canyon Reservoir Dam Campground

It was starting to rain pretty hard and the roads
were getting really slippery and muddy. We slid 
around a few corners but made it safely to the campground

We ate some lunch and then headed back to 5 Points

We thought we should start heading back toward home cause of the 
rain.. so we headed toward Barclay.. it got raining to hard 
and the roads were getting pretty bad.. 
we decided to turn around and head back to 5 Points again..

and decide where to go again from there

We could see the Fire Lookout Tower so we headed to the top of Ella Mountain to see the sites from the TOP

The Lookout is at the end of a very long, bladed,  
washboardy, rocky dirt road

The Lookout Tower has awesome 
views all the way around
(There was a Watchman inside.. but he was kinda rude, he just turned his back and shut the door on us.. 
I would have thought he would want some company.. he probably doesn't get many visitors all the way up here)

 Stan has been to and could name all of the 
surrounding mountains, flats and washes
Here is just a few: Stoke's Flat 

Clover Mountain

Chief Mountain

Highland Peak

Delamar Mountains

Hayford Peak
Kane Springs Wash
Meadow Valley Mountains

and ... Pennsylvania Canyon

This canyon was going to be our way down the mountain

Stan had gone down this road some 20 years ago 
and he said it was not a very good road back then,
but we were going to try it out anyway

on the road way ... but it only said


So we thought that we would give it a try..
we had four wheel drive and it did
only say ROAD DAMAGE....


It didn't seem to bad.. so we kept on going

and going...

then the road turned into this....

and it wasn't getting any better...
but we had started down and there was no
where to turn around and even if we could turn around....
there was no way we could go back the way we came...

so we kept on going..

14 MILES down this WASH.... 

there wasn't any ROAD DAMAGE...

cause there was NO RODE AT ALL!!!

We had to get out and walk up and down the wash 
several times to see what would be our best route 
and/if we COULD get any further..

We even had to stop and hunt for rocks to PILE up in our 
path to help us get UP and/or OVER other rocks/boulders 
and small drop offs...

Then OF COURSE there just had to be 
some of these...


but we had to keep going....

We kept going down the wash following what
looked like "the trail" and then OH NO..
NO MORE TRAIL to follow

We must have passed up the EASY WAY... LOL

We backed up, went forward, backed up, went forward..
and then backed up again and again and we 
finally got the LONG BED TRUCK turned around and
started back UP the wash looking for the "trail"

We spotted the "road" going UP the side of a steep cliff

Stan started to walk up the steep canyon road to see if it was 
really was "THE ROAD"..  he got a ways up the steep, 
rocky, drop off, cliff that looked like the road.. and turned 
and motioned to ME.. to DRIVE UP the really 
that looked like the road.. 

I did panic for a seconds and then I drove up
the so called "ROAD". ..  

I made it to the top. 

Stan got back in the truck and off we went again.. 

this time we spotted...

Clear down at the bottom of the mountain
just on the other side of were we just came up was 

The Elgin School House... 

WE had almost made it to the main road..

We went slowly down the steep road 
and BACK on the GRID!!

The Elgin Schoolhouse


When we had finally truly made it to Elgin and 
the MAIN DIRT ROAD headed towards home..


Stan and I looked up at the mountain that we
had just came down and we were truly AMAZED
that we had made it down with out a flat tire or broken axle

We were sure glad to see the not as bumpy, rocky, 
washboardy road home from Elgin!!


I had a blast and I can't wait for another adventure...

I will always look twice at the signs
that say "ROAD DAMAGE" 

That was TRULY the BUMPIEST non-road adventure
that I have ever been on.. I do want to go on this adventure again but next time we go down Pennsylvania Canyon lets take the RHINO or the four wheelers.. NOT the Long Bed!!  (lol)


I love you to the mOOn and back and for 
all Eternity!!

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Ashley said...

you two are crazy, but i love you SOOOOOO MUCH!

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