Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I've gone completely Pinterest CRAZY!!

 Welcome to my

"I've gone completely PINTEREST CRAZY!!"

I have been pinning and pinning and pinning and 
I got thinking....
why do I pin so many cute things and don't make them..

So I decided to start making some of the projects that I have pinned..
this is what I have made in the past few weeks.

I loved the idea.. but I made just a few changes.

This is my new 

 I love it!!

I bought FOUR 3x3 Cube Shelf's
and TWO hollow doors from Lowes

I ordered the brown baskets from Wal-mart.com

I got the two chairs at Deseret Industries

Now I have everything organized and labeled

This side has some of my material put into the cubes.

In the baskets I put fat quarters and 
some small projects that I am working on.

Next project...

Since I was spending so much time on Pinterest 
and making crafts.. 
I thought I might need a CHORE Chart.. 
so I PINNED some cute ones and then made my own


 Next project...

I saw this saying on my Wonderful Aunt Wendy's Pins
I love this saying so it had to be re- PINNED
I wanted it to match my Kitchen
so I added some small touches.
Here is a picture of my refrigerator.

It has my cute sign and some cute  
PRINTABLES that I have pinned

Next project...
I loved this Soap Dispenser I PINNED 

This is mine.. I just added a little bit of
Levi to match my kitchen

Next project...

My mother in law has some pretty AWESOME recipes.
She wanted to make a Recipe Book for all of her 
daughter in laws and granddaughters for Christmas. 

She asked me to help her... so I PINNED some ideas

Here is the cover that I designed for her Recipe Book

 and the side panel

We copied her "Special Recipes", put them in plastic sleeves.
Then we put in the index tabs and sorted the recipes into categories.

 They turned out really cute and all the girls LOVED THEM!!

I also added a Measurement Chart 
I love this one.. so I PINNED it!

Here is a picture of my recipe books all
organized in my kitchen corner... you can see my 
cute little CHORE CHART all framed
and you can also see my Next project...

I love using these.. now I don't forget anything...
unless I forgot to put it on the list.

Next project...

Keeping food fresh in the Refrigerator

I have been putting all my lettuce, cheeses
and also my Grapes into jars.. it makes such a big 
difference. My food keeps fresher so much longer.

Next project...

Organizing my pantry

There are so many awesome pins for organizing pantries.
You just have to look at all of the pins and see what works for you and your pantry and of course your budget.

Here is my organized pantry..

 I have found a new love for 

I have everything put in jars and I love it!
I also think that it will keep everything fresher.

I bottled: Noodles, Marshmallow's, Chocolate Chips, Jerky, Cereal,  Dried Onions, 
Candy, Cookies, Etc..  then there is all my baking items:
Flour, Sugar, Salt, Brown Sugar, Baking Powder, Baking Soda etc.

You can see in my photos... I have gone Mason Jars Crazy!!

 Next project...

 My Grandson Ty's
First Birthday Cake

My daughter Ashley wanted the theme of Ty's party to be "My little MONSTER is turning One" so we looked for monster cake ideas. 

We PINNED this one 

and this is how ours turned out

 We didn't want ours to be just the same 
so we changed it just a little bit.
(The eyes and teeth are Marshmellows, the center of the eyes are Black Dots)

 Next project...

My Grandchildren Wall

I am pretty picky about how I hang pictures on my walls 
( my kids think this saying is for me)

I found this PIN .."How to hang a wall gallery"

 My son Justin and my daughter in law Missy
gave me this vinyl saying for Christmas...

"Our greatest Blessings call us grandma & grandpa"


There are six frames.. and I have FIVE Grandchildren 
the frame on the bottom right is for my 
new grandchild that is due in June.

 Next project...

Getting my recipes organized

I was organizing my recipe cards and they were a little but boring.

All of them were handwritten and 
there wasn't any pictures on them.. 

I thought they needed to be dressed up just a bit.. 
I PINNED Scrapbooking your recipes

Here are some of the Recipes that I scrapbooked

I think that they turned out pretty cute..
and they are all YUMMY RECIPES!! 

 Next projects...
 I didn't find these on Pinterest..

but I wanted to share a few other things that I have made.

My daughter Heather had a very used cork board in her cute new room... so I decided to dress it up just a bit for her.

I covered it to look just like her bedspread
then I added the wooded letters that I bought from Wal-mart
I painted them purple and add some bling to them

I love how it turned out.. it looks much better!
and then her bed looked like it could use a few pillows

The purple pillow is a regular size pillow. I cut two pieces of fleece, 
then I cut fringe all the way around the fleece then I just tied the two pieces together.

The little pillow is just some left overs I had from making the cork board.. 
I just sewed two pieces together and stuffed it for a pillow.

then I thought her Calendar needed some BLING!!

I have had a great time making and doing all of these projects.

I am so happy that all of you keep PINNING fun ideas for me to try.

I am working on a few more things...
but that will be for another post!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Ashley said...

you are awesome!!! WOW so much cool stuff, the desk and pantry blow my mind!!

Teresa said...

Lana, You're quite the Domestic Goddess! Now come help me at my house!! :)

Raegan said...

How fun! Great ideas. Thanks for letting me peek!

Lauren said...

Mom, you rock!

Kathy Wheeler said...

Lana...you are over the top terrific. I think I have pinned everything you posted. I love the sewing table. Woot..woot!

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