Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stan and Lana's Adventure - 1/8/12

 Stan and I have been going for little 
adventures after church every Sunday.

Today we decided to go for a little ride down by Lake Mead.

We wanted to see how full the lake it getting.

I saw the sigh to Stewart's Point and told my 
hubby that I would like to go there.
I have lived here for 28+ years and I haven't 
ever been down there. 
So off to Stewart's Point we went.

Stan and Lana 
Lake Mead

What a beautiful day for a drive and picnic by the lake

While we were hiking and looking around 
we came across something that looked a little bit odd...

from far away it looked like a small grave yard..

so of course.. I had to explore...

As we walked over I could see a little rock arch 
with a perfect heart rock inside..

some one had a lot of time on their hands 
and they were very creative.

I took some guesses of what I thought 
the rockformations looked like...
look at the photos close and see what you see, 
then comment and let me know what you came up with.

 I think this one is a guitar

this one looked like a large bird

a perfect heart

this one for sure is a snake
(it was at least 25 feet long)

here is more of the snake

and here is a close up of the snakes head
(the teeth and eyes were all glued to the large rock)

I am not sure what this was..  what do you see?

this one looked like an airplane

again I am not  sure what this was... 
but it had several heart shaped rocks attached

 a face
(again all the rocks were glued together)

 this one looked like a bunch of little mushrooms

 again... what do you think this one is?

 There were so many of these, 
I had to take pictures of all of them.
The lake is rising and possibly in a few weeks 
they will all be under water. 

 not sure again what this one is.. 
but it had a cute little face.
You can see the BIG EYES really good..
but as for the rest ??

 I thought at first the rocks piled 
up were suppose to be 
a rattle possibly for a snake.. 
but it didn't look anything like a snake 

 another perfect  heart

 a circle with three heart shaped rocks

 another heart

This was a fun find.. I am not sure what it is 
that we found but it was something 
that I haven't ever seen  before. 

A group of people or someone had to have camped 
there for quit a while to get all of this done. 
Every single rock was glued together.

Me and my hubby enjoy our Sunday drives together.
I can't wait to see where we end up next week!!

Thanks for stopping by,

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