Friday, February 17, 2012

I love my life!!

I few months ago when the weather was nice and warm 
my cute little Grandson Mark (aka: BIG COWBOY) was working down 
at the game farm with Papa Stan.

They called and wanted me to pack them a lunch 
and bring it down to them... so of course I did...

It was such a nice day that I said to Big Cowboy
 that it would be fun if I could stay down 
and ride the tractor with them.. 

he giggled and then he quickly replied with, 

"Oh Grandma that's mine and Papa Stan's job... 

then he said...
Grandma your job is to stay home and wash 
the dishes and bake me and Papa Stan cookies..

He is only three years old and has already put me in my place...
(I think he has been a bit brain washed by Papa Stan)

Well..  I have been doing really good keeping the cookie jar 
FULL of HOMEMADE COOKIES and keeping the house clean 

then yesterday I got the best reward there is....

it was a cool, windy day and my cute little grandson came 
into the house, took off his coat, his cowboy boots 
and his socks and sat by the heater in the living room... 
(I was washing the dishes) 

he said, "Grandma can you get me my cowboy blanket" ... 
then he said, "Grandma can you hold me?" 

My heart melted and so I picked up my Big Cowboy
and gave him a big hug... then we just rocked in the rocking chair and watched Sponge Bob.

I love my life, my family and my JOB!!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

o this melted mt heart too!!! i love you so much

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