Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Glen Hardy Family Christmas Party

On Christmas Eve all THE HARDY'S went next door for our OTHER HARDY PARTY!! Glen and Shirley with their GRANDDAUGHTERS and ONE GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER!!
Glen and Shirley with the BOYS!!

The Stan Hardy Family
(Estefan, Our oldest grandson is Missing in this picture)

Justin, Heather, Ashley and Lauren

Lauren trying on her new coat


ALLIE helped open EVERY present!! She was the life of the party.

Allie helping her Dad find a good present

Justin and Maylee
Justin is the OLDEST Grandchild and Maylee is the YOUNGEST

Heather, Ashley, Betsy and Alyssa

My sister in law Cindy, Me and My Mother in Law Shirley

Heather, Betsy and Alyssa

Justin (Proud Uncle) and Mark

Our Christmas Eve party was really fun.
The food was AWESOME and we all got spoiled by Grandpa Glen and Grandma Shirley.
Glen and Shirley, Thanks for being the BEST IN LAWS in the WHOLE WORLD.
I love you very much!!

1 comment:

The NELSON Family said...

That was fun. I miss Christmas! I need to get a CD of pictures from ya!

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